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I've been in software development for 35 years, and I just wanted you and your staff to know that I think the Araize software is some of the best software I've ever used. The user interface is straightforward and easy to use and understand, it has a nice clean look, and it has a ton of features. It's obvious that your designers understand user-centered design! Your report writer is also really robust and flexible. I know I had some trouble when I first started using it, mostly because I knew nothing about accounting (much less fund accounting), but now that I've learned all that, it is a pleasure to use this software on a regular basis. It's pretty bug-free, too! Please let your staff know that as a fellow software designer/developer, I think this software is top notch. 🙂 ”

Alice Black
Off the Chain USA

One of the features of Fast Fund that I like so much, is that you and the support team are so supportive and accessible. You have never told me to go to the website for more information, and the online user guide has answered almost every question that I’ve had. In addition, I have really enjoyed the learning webinars that you have provided. 30 minutes of hands on relevant tutorial is just long enough to focus on one aspect of functionality, and a few questions. I also appreciate the webinar library as a reference tool. ”

Doug Cohen
Hecksher Museum of Art

I just wanted to thank you guys for holding my hand over the past year. You all have been more than generous with your time and patience and I have struggled many days to learn so many new things, especially without a solid understanding of the accounting system. I can't say enough about your customer service ethic. I know I will continue to need help as I continue to explore and utilize the many great features of the software. It has been a good change for us thus far. ”

Jennifer Baker
Clearview Bible Church

Thank YOU Araize for an outstanding product and stellar customer support. I just completed three days with our auditors and was able to readily produce any report they requested. FastFund Online is a superior accounting product.”

Anetta Oppelt
Child & Family Resources, Inc.

I have been very pleased with the FastFund Nonprofit Software. The software is extremely easy to understand and use and is very affordable compared to other software packages that have similar features. It meets all our needs for accounting for multiple government grants and provides necessary accounting records to meet the requirements for a Single Audit Act A-133.”

Marie Gaster, CPA
Child Care Networks

We researched many accounting programs before selecting FastFund. We have been very pleased with our choice. FastFund facilitates the tracking of our restricted funds; we do not need to do all the double entries that our old software package required. Everyone at Araize has been extremely helpful. The free webinars are very informative, and customer service is very responsive.”

Tom Strayer
The American Philosophical Association University of Delaware

FastFund Online was the perfect solution for our nonprofit organization needs. With a minimum background in accounting, this software was a lifesaver. It's easy to understand and navigate. I've been able to streamline my workload. I love the filter feature giving me access to various types of reports. It provides our auditors with the organization's financial statements at year end. And with a click, my 1099s are ready to print and mail to our vendors. The free online training webinars are a plus!”

Marilyn B. Wilkins
Memphis-Shelby County Education Association

I found Araize and the FastFund product to be a worthwhile and easy to use data base system that arms my organization with the data it needs to sustain our ‘friend building' relationships with donors and stakeholders. I am particularly pleased with Araize's customer service. Immediately responsive and always taking the time to educate me on the many uses of the product. I am comforted in knowing my data is fully protected in the cloud. I enjoy being able to customize reports if my Board requires. I have no hesitation recommending Araize to my fellow non profit agencies who may be looking for a dependable and user-friendly product to help their agencies get a handle on the necessary elements of fund raising and associated duties. You guys make me look good.”

Michael J Steinhauer
Madison Area Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

I've had the benefit of more than three decades of using FastFund solutions. The first solution was for a network of Neighborhood Housing Services organizations. Immediately after installation and training on FastFund, the pilot bookkeeper came to my office, threw her arms around me, and spoke excitedly about how it had changed her life. That experience led me to confidently promote the system to nearly 100 additional nonprofit organizations across the country where implementation was successful in all who embraced FastFund. We now use FastFund at our church and the church board is deeply appreciative of the new quality of information that I've been able to provide them from FastFund. Church leaders are able to dig deeper into the dynamics of the income and expenses of the church in ways that allow them to manage their segments in ways they could not before FastFund.”

Mary Lee Widener
Glenmont United Methodist Church

FastFund Online is the product I had been hoping for, for 11 years. Trying to do non-profit fund accounting with an out-of-the-box standard, inexpensive accounting program for commercial businesses requires all sorts of hoops and rigging to make work, as every fund bookkeeper knows. FastFund has improved our ability to report on federal government grants, do our 990, report to the organizers of our programs, non-governmental funders, management and our board. The flexibility is fantastic. The support is spot on.”

Paula Johnson
Aspen Center for Physics

We have been a customer of Araize since 2001 and and it's long past time to put in writing the positive impact you've had on our art center. We use FastFund Raising and FastFund Accounting, and the products are great. Though I'm sure that could be said about other products, what other companies don't have is the support provided by Araize. Our constituent list was literally converted from Excel documents and none of us knew much about a real database or how to do effective fund raising with one. Araize has mentored us through it all, including complex maneuvers for convoluted mailings, correction of mismanaged records, teaching entirely new skills and proper procedures. Their support team never makes us feel incapable and all calls are returned quickly and cheerfully. We're so glad we picked Araize. Deepest thanks.”

Leona Marshall
Lubeznik Center for the Arts

When our ministry decided to update our accounting system and go with FastFund Online, we were all dreading the process of converting our information and learning a new system. Everyone in the office was pleasantly surprised when everything went smoothly. FastFund is very simple to work with, but very in-depth with the information we get from it. Having the accounting system in the cloud and available to me working remotely has been a true blessing.”

Sharon Delaney
Village Ministries International, Inc.

FastFund Raising has given our non-profit organization the ability to track revenue and donor data at a level I never believed we could afford. The detailed reports available to us are incredible, and the customer service exceeds any I have experienced in any industry.”

Alison Bushman
Bake Me Home

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