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With its single source database, FastFund Online Fundraising can be used to track all of the constituents you do business with, whether they are donors, members, alumni, clients, vendors, employees or constituents.

User defined codes allow you to track attributes, affiliations, roles and demographic information. Campaign management tracks all of your fund-raising activities by campaign appeal and gift designation. Record donations, pledges and in-kind contributions. You can split gifts, credit solicitors, record a tribute or memorial gift and generate soft credits. Automatically print or email donor receipts and pledge statements. Track membership, alumni and volunteer information. Other features include data import, customized query, data export and reports.

FastFund Fundraising can be a stand-alone package or can be integrated with the FastFund Nonprofit Fund Accounting Software.

  • Increase Donations and cultivate long term donor relations.
  • One database for all names in your system.
  • Save Time with a total integrated solution
  • Track all campaign and appeal activity including revenue, designated gifts and expenses.
  • Eliminate Steep Learning Curve and get up and running fast.


Seamless Integration with Website Donation Pages. Araize has partnered with EFT Corporation for seamless credit card and ACH donations. You can accept donations, payments and registrations through website, Text2Give and face-to-face.

  • Credit, Debit, ACH/EFT, eCheck
  • Easy online donation form setup
  • Customized forms and reports
  • Dedicated customer service representative
  • Immediate automatic settlement
  • Low cost and PCI Compliant
  • Seamless integration with FastFund Raising

Enter detailed information for individuals and organizations. Enter multiple addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. Track separate data for spouse/partner and children. Enter an unlimited number of codes for donor attributes, affiliations, roles and classifications. Keep detailed notes on all donor activity with the ability to search through the notes for specific data. Keep track of all donor activities and correspondence. Complete donor giving history at a glance.

The key to maintaining the integrity of your database is the proper implementation of your custom codes. Assign attributes, roles, affiliations, relationships, classifications, membership types, and more. Codes can be alpha, numeric or both, giving you more flexibility and versatility. While entering data, your codes are always available for convenient look-ups and selecting.

FastFund Raising’s unique gift pyramid provides you with all the information you need to measure the effectiveness of your fund-raising activities. Create gift giving hierarchy to properly manage donor giving designations, their motivation for giving, appeal and campaign goals and milestones. With this hierarchy, all you have to do is enter the gift and the system automatically credits the appropriate appeal, campaign and fund. Generate reports showing campaign and appeal revenue and expenses. As a result, reports are easily generated to detail the total money raised in each fund, campaign, appeal and gift.

Included in FastFund Fundraising is a complete membership management system. Track user-defined member classes, levels, join dates, renewal dates, expiration dates, member dues and special member notes. Get a complete history of membership transactions. Separate tax deductible donations from members from non-tax deductible member dues.

Included in FastFund Fundraising is an alumni management system. Designed for schools, colleges, and educational foundations. Track alumni enter dates, schools attended, degree earned, class of year, fraternity/sorority affiliations and a complete history of all alumni donations.

FastFund Fundraising helps you manage your volunteers by tracking their interests, skills, availability and recognition. Future enhancements include: the ability to enter volunteer hours, track accumulated hours and recognize volunteer awards.

The key to successful moves management is documenting every move, preferably in a database. You can record every ‘move’ and interaction made with a constituent to cultivate more donors and raise more funds.

Record all types of donations in FastFund Raising and automatically credits the campaign, appeal and donor gift designation. Enter the tax deductible amount for a donation and split donations to multiple gifts to comply with donor designations. Apply gifts to solicitor and record memorial donations. Automatically generate customized donor receipts for printing and emailing. Donor records are automatically updated with the date a receipt was sent. Record any donors who were involved in the donation as a soft credit. Record pledges and schedule pledge reminders. Pledge payments are easily applied against open pledge balances. In-Kind contributions for goods and services can be recorded and are kept separate from yearly donation totals for tax purposes.

Some donors choose to direct a portion of their gift for a designated purpose. You have the ability to set up an unlimited number of donor gift designations and track the receipt of the donation through to the proper use of the funds. Donations can be split to an unlimited number of designations.

Donations can be marked as recurring and scheduled for automatic posting on specific dates. Recurring transactions can be edited after posting, saving time and streamlining procedures.

Search for duplicate names in the database and merge duplicate names if necessary.

Create customized donor receipts for printing or emailing. Designate whether the donor wishes to receive a printed receipt, email receipt or no receipt at all. You can upload your company logo to place on the receipt. Receipts can be set up to be printed in a batch or individually. After receipts are created, the donor record is automatically updated with an Action with the receipt information.

For long term pledge commitments, create a pledge reminder schedule to collect all open pledges. Create a customized pledge reminder receipt including your company logo, pledge information, payments and outstanding balance. Generate pledge balance due statements for all open pledges.

Whether you have one fund or a thousand funds, each fund’s excess or deficiency is closed out to its own net asset (equity) account.

Import names into the FastFund Fundraising database for quick start up. Import data includes all names, addresses, phone and email addresses. For more detailed data conversions, refer to our Services page.

Virtually every field in the FastFund Fundraising database is available for building queries for mailings, reports and data analysis. The customized query builder enables you to analyze your data, measure the results of campaigns and appeals, design custom reports and conduct effective mailings for solicitation. Query filters can also be applied against the standard reports to isolate subsets of your data. All queries can be saved for future use or modified to create new queries.

FastFund Fundraising offers a wealth of meaningful reports that are integral to a development office. Generate summary or detail donations received by fund, campaign, appeal and gift. Measure the effectiveness of all your campaigns and appeals with revenue and expense statements. Generate donor reports for their total giving history. Some of the available reports include: donor detail history, donor summary, donor trending by year, lapsed donor reports, pledge reports, pledge aging reports, and donations by solicitor or tribute (memorial).

FastFund Fundraising seamlessly integrates with FastFund Accounting. All fund raising transactions are automatically posted to the proper designated income accounts and funds. Eliminate the time required to reconcile data between two separate systems. Achieve tighter internal controls and audit trails.

Check for donor duplicates either as you enter donors or by reviewing the potential duplicate constituent report. If a duplicate donor is found, and both have transaction activity, you can merge the donor’s transaction history and delete the duplicate.

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