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Direct Cost Allocations

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Nonprofit organizations by nature must allocate costs to match revenue and be more accountable to their funding sources. Your organization must comply with strict regulatory and funding source restrictions while operating under specific budgetary constraints.The implementation of a cost allocation system will help you be more accountable for program spending and maximize program reimbursements.

An effective cost allocation methodology enables your organization to identify what services are being provided and what they truly cost. The implementation of proper allocations will give management the information needed to track the total program costs and how it affects the entire organization’s financial picture.

FastFund Online Nonprofit Accounting Cost Allocations will enable you to define your allocations methodology for direct and indirect costs.

  • Allocate by percentages
  • Create default account distributions
  • Allocate expenses and revenue
  • Allocate by project code

Point of Entry Allocations allows you to set up an unlimited number of pre-defined allocations by percentage and accounts only.

Point of entry allocations can be used with cash disbursements, cash receipts, vendor invoices and revenue journal entries.

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