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FastFund Online Nonprofit Payroll software provides the ability to allocate employees salaries and payroll taxes to multiple programs and grants based on hours worked or fixed percentages, helping to guarantee proper distribution of costs.

FastFund Payroll is integrated with the FastFund Nonprofit Fund Accounting Software.

  • Pay types can be customized to handle the tax exempt status of nonprofit employees, including religious and ministry employees.
  • Payroll adjustments for deductions, other income and contributions can be setup with pre and post tax exempt status
  • Posting to the general ledger is done in detail, providing an audit trail from the payroll distribution to the appropriate program and grant codes in accounting.
  • Allocation methods can be pre-set for easy and quick allocation of time when processing payroll.
  • Eliminate Steep Learning Curve and get up and running fast.

Employees can be paid by direct deposit or by paycheck.

All payroll tax tables for federal, state and local taxes are kept up to date.

All payroll taxes are paid automatically on time to the appropriate taxing authorities.

All quarterly payroll taxes are filed for federal, state and local taxes. Generate year end W2s and W3. Electronically file year end W2s and W3s with the Social Security Administration.

Reports are customized to provide the information needed for nonprofits.

Our staff has extensive experience working with nonprofits and have an in-depth understanding of the fiscal challenges that face nonprofit management.

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